The South Wales Coast

The coastline of Southern Wales is spectacular and one i haven't explored photographically nearly enough at all.
The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a national park along the Pembrokeshire coast in west Wales. It has a varied landscape of rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, wooded estuaries and wild inland hills, covering a total area of 629 km2 (243 sq mi). It falls into four distinct sections. Running clockwise around the coast, these are the south Pembrokeshire coast, including Caldey Island; the Daugleddau estuary; the St Bride's Bay coast, including the coastal islands; and the Preseli Hills. However, not all of the park is coastal, and there are even forests and marshes on the edges of the park.
It was established as a National Park in 1952, and is the only one in the United Kingdom to have been designated primarily because of its spectacular coastline.

The Glamorgan Heritage Coast lies between Ogmore-by-Sea and St Athan (with Nash Point at its mid point) on the South Wales coast and is just as wonderful as Pembrokeshire. I really want to spend more time here, but for now these are what i've managed to take from there so far...