The Landscape Of Dorset

The county of Dorset is quite an amazing place. The sheer variety of geological activity has led to some very varied topography, which has shaped its 1,024 square miles into of the most diverse landscapes to be found anywhere in the whole of the British Isles.
It is bordered to the south by a stunning coastline and flanked by the counties of Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Most of the Upland areas can be found in the hinterland to the North and West of the region, with a ridge of hills also flowing just north of the coast in the south.
Some of these chalk hills are very steep sided indeed, creating deep valleys often thick with mixed woodland and rivers flowing at the bottom. More often though they are now grassland, stripped naked of their trees for grazing and farming. This in turn though has revealed their rolling, sometimes fiercely undulating nature and has created some dramatic and awesome vistas.
The large open tracts of crops and farmland are mostly concentrated around the centre of the county and reflect well year round the changing of the season.
The habitat that helps make Dorset extra special though, it's heathland. Most of Dorset’s heathland was created by Bronze Age farmers, clearing woodland for agriculture. But the poor soils in some parts of the county made these areas unsuitable for crops and they were used largely for light grazing, providing the perfect conditions for some spectacular wildlife.
Heathland was regarded as a wasteland in the past, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They support an amazing variety of rare plants and animals, making Dorset’s heaths internationally important.

I hope in these different gallery's i can convery some of the character and nature of these different environments, which i find so captivating.
Hill portfolio River portfolio Field portfolio Tree portfolio
The Hand Of Man portfolio Heath portfolio