The Barn

As the South becomes more and more saturated with landscape photographers and locations become more and more photographed, it is hard to retain a sense of originality and more importantly, for me at least, as sense of discovery. I had been looking for somewhere that i could call my own and not have to bash tripod legs with someone else to shoot for quite some time. So it was with a real sense of delight that i stumbled across 'The Barn', a dilapidated old thatched structure, that sits on its own in a small shallow dip in a very peaceful landscape. No doubt some ramblers or trampers of countryside may know it well, but at least for the moment, it remains 'mine' photographically...

My aim is to capture it in as many different moods and conditions as i can before it's either discovered by other photographers, collapses completely, is torn down or renovated by someone. This will be an ongoing project for as long as possible.
The Storm portfolio